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Welcome to Lyndon State College Intramurals
Director:  Sue Henry,  802-626-6242
Click onto the Intramural Spring 2014 site above.

Doug goes to the basket for 2 of his 23 pts.
ed fenton.jpg
Floor Hockey back for the Fall 2013 season.

Go to Intramurals Fall 2013 (on top bar)


Spring 2013 below:

Student Intern:  James Jobin
Lyndon State College


Splash Party

tshirt line.jpg
College students love free t-shirts!
jesse laura.jpg
Jesse and Laura picking the winning number.
travis 3on3.jpg
Travis shoots over Ian during the "B" Division Finals (3-on-3)
 Thurs. 5/9
Indoor Soccer Men's Final Game
8 pm  Lucky 7's  vs.  Bomb O'Clock

Triathlon - May 5th,  Sunday.
Swim, Bike and Run (Teams or Individuals)
See Triathlon Page for pics/results
team kelsey.jpg
Best 4 Last:  Cody, Sarah, Kelsey
james kenedi.jpg
A fun time had by all!
aj spike.jpg
AJ spikes against I'd Hit That
getting ready.jpg
The crew ready for the start of the "Tri"

ult 2.jpg
Weekend IM: Ultimate Frisbee
three oscar.jpg
3 - on - 3 Tourney.
safe wally.jpg
Wallyball Playoffs
jobin shred.jpg
"A" League Playoffs: Jobin vs. Shred
casey and aj net.jpg
Battle at the net.
sam coehlo three.jpg
An hour and a half Banks
brooke with two.jpg
3 - on - 3 action:  Brooke for 2!
Basketball Sportsmanship All-Stars


Playoff action in the B League.
craig with follow.jpg
Craig with follow.

team moose.jpg
Team Robichaud  vs.  Team Moose
vball laura bump.jpg
Laura bumps the ball over against Car Ramrod.
Men Indoor Soccer Playoff action
james jimmy.jpg
James from behind the arc against Jimmy (3-on-3 BBall)
Luke over Nick for 2 during the Brady Bunch - News 7 Playoff game

shot on matt.jpg
Coed Soccer playoff game. Goal? or Save?
John Kazar over Richie for 3 during the All-Star Game.

Sportsmanship All-Star Game

3-pt. Shooting Contest -  Winner:  Jimmy Lau
                                               Shelby Sheridan

Foul Shooting Contest - Winner:  John Kazar
                                               Shelby Sheridan

 honu liz.jpg
Honu hanging with Liz and friends.
womens three.jpg
Brook with the rebound.

dave no block.jpg
Dave with attempted block.

jeb rebound.jpg
Jeb rebounding.


Spring Results: Check individual sport sites.
ryan spike.jpg
Ryan spikes for a point.

Kaos under the basket!
Fall Semester Below:
Good Luck on Finals
Have a great semester break.
We begin the Spring semester IM program as soon as we get back :)
Tuesday 12/11
Volleyball Finals
9:00 pm  Team Mainville  def.  Global Gym
Stannard Gym
Floor Hockey Finals
10:00 pm  ROOF  def.  Life Alert
Sunday 12/9
Basketball Finals
8:00 pm   Off Constantly  def.  Team Jobin

Floor Hockey Finals
8:00 pm  Game 1 -   ROOF  def.  Life Alert
9:00 pm  Game 2 - Life Alert  def.  ROOF
Ping-Pong Tourney #2
Sunday 12/9 @ 7 pm
Stannard Gym
Winner:  Zach Hatin

Thursday 12/6
Wiffleball Finals:
8:30 pm Sequin Sally def. TUX
Friday 12/7
Kickball Finals
4:30 pm Goff Me def. Team Alexander

Congrats to the IM Weekend Activity Champs: 
Wheelock and Whitelaw/Crev Halls
See Weekend IM Competition site for results

Racquetball Tourney
Wednesday 12/5 @ 7 pm
Racquetball Court
Winner:  Garrett Dodge
Tuesday  11/4
Floor Hockey Playoffs
9:00   ROOF def.  Raw Dogs
10:00  ROOF def.  Dirty Danglers
Wed. 12/5   
Volleyball Semi-Finals:

7:30 pm #2 Team Mainville def. #3 Car Ramrod
8:30 pm #1 Global Gym def. #4 Click, Click, Boom
Friday 11/30
Kickball Finals
4:00 pm Team Alexander def. We Are Here For Flip Cup
4:45 pm Goff Me def. Team Alexander

Sunday 12/2
Activity: Ping-Pong/Shuffleboard
Winners: Wheelock
Floor Hockey Playoffs
7 pm Raw Dogs def. Dinky Doos
10 pm Life Alert def. Dirty Danglers

Basketball Finals #1:
8 pm Team Jobin def. Off Constantly
Wednesday 11/28
7:30 pm Team Mainville def. All Aces
8:30 pm Click, Click, Boom def. Steal Frame Stallion
9:30 pm Global Gym def. Car Ramrod

Thursday 11/29
Varsity Basketball Games 5:30/7:30 pm
Half-time Shooting Contests

Monday 11/26
Basketball Playoffs
8 pm Team Jobin def. Shred City
Tuesday 11/27
Floor Hockey Playoffs
9 pm Life Alert def. ROOF
10 pm Dirty Danglers def. Raw Dogs
Wednesday 11/14
Wallyball Finals:
8 pm Team Mike
def. Team Steam


7:30 pm Team Mainville def. Click, Click, Boom
8:30 pm All Aces def. Car Ramrod
9:30 pm Global Gym def. Steal Frame Stallion
3 - pt. Shooting Contest
Monday 11/12 @ 9 pm
Winner: Yuol Herjok
Go to : 3pt Shooting Contest site for results

Monday 11/12
Basketball Playoffs:
8 pm Shred City def. Vicious N Delicious

9 pm 3 – pt. Shooting Contest (Bole Gym)
Winner: Yuol Yuol

Tuesday 11/13
Floor Hockey Playoffs:
8 pm Raw Dogs def. I LOVE GRAMPS
9 pm ROOF def. Dinky Doos
Friday  11/9
Kickball Playoffs
4 pm  Team Alexander  def.  Rock Sock Dinosaurs
4:45 pm  Goff Me  def.  We Are Here for Flip Cup

Saturday  11/10

Weekend Activity:  Wallyball
Winners:  Rita Bole/Whitelaw/Crev

Sunday  11/11

Flag Football Playoffs/Final
9 am (Play-in)  The Lumberjacks  def.  Team We Rock
10 am  The Lumberjacks  def.  Suite 201
11 am  The Wagsters  def.  We Thought it was BBall
Noon:  Finals:  The Lumberjacks  def.  The Wagsters  (Go To Football Page)
Floor Hockey
8 pm  ROOF  def.  I LOVE GRAMPS
9 pm  Dirty Danglers  def.  Life Alert
Basketball Playoffs
8 pm  Shred City  def.  Brady Bunch
9 pm  Off Constantly  def.  Team Jobin
10 pm  Vicious N Delicious def.  E-Lemon-Ators
Thursday 11/8
8:30 Click, Click, Boom vs. All Aces (DNP)
9:30 TUX def. Sliders
Wednesday 11/7
Wallyball Playoffs
8 pm Team Mike def. Team Pretty
7:30 pm Car Ramrod def. Steal Frame Stallion
8:30 pm Global Gym def. Team Mainville
Tuesday 11/6
Floor Hockey
7 pm Dinky Doos def. Goon Squad
9 pm I LOVE GRAMPS vs. ROOF (Re-scheduled)
10 pm Dirty Danglers vs. Life Alert  (Re-scheduled)
Monday 11/5
Basketball Playoffs

8 pm E-Lemon-Ators def. Toon Squad
9 pm Team Jobin def. Vicious N Delicious
10 pm Shred City def. Team Moose
Thursday  11/1
8:30 pm  Sliders   def.  Sequin Sally


Friday 11/2
Kickball  (Playoffs)
4:00 pm  Team Alexander  def.  Spanards
4:45 pm  We Are Here for Flip Cup  def.  Team Drouin
5:30 pm  Goff Me  def.  Roc Soc Dinosaurs

Saturday  11/3
Weekend Intramural Activity: 3 – on – 3 Basketball

4 pm   Bole Gym

Flag Football

9 am   Suite 201  def.  Wagsters
10 am  The Lumberjacks  def.  Brady Bunch
11 am  I Thought this was Basketball  def.  Team We Rock

Floor Hockey

7 pm  Life Alert def.   Dinky Doos
8 pm   Dirty Danglers  def.   ROOF
9 pm    I LOVE GRAMPS def.  Nippers
10 pm  Goon Squad  def.  Raw Dogs

Basketball  (Playoffs)
8 pm  Off Constantly  def.  Shred City
9 pm  Team Jobin  def.  Brady Bunch
10 pm  Team Moose  def.  King ‘James’ Squad


Ping-Pong Tournament held Sunday:
Winner: Zach Hatin
(Go go Ping-Pong for results)

Coed Volleyball Sign-up on IM Door NOW.

 Check schedules/results/pictures  for games by going to the sport site.                                    

Wednesday 10/31
Wallyball (Playoffs)
8:00 pm Team Pretty def. Team Surprise
8:45 pm Team Steam def. Team Mike
7:30 pm Team Mainville def. Team Car Ramrod
8:20 pm Team Sparta def. Click, Click, Boom

Tuesday 10/30

Floor Hockey
7 pm Raw Dogs tied Dinky Doos
8 pm Goon Squad def. Nippers
9 pm I LOVE GRAMPS def. Dirty Danglers
10 pm ROOF def. Life Alert
Friday  10/26/12
Kickball  (Playoffs)
4:00 pm   We Are Here for Flip Cup  def.  Spanards
4:45 pm   Roc Soc Dinosaurs  def.  Team Drouin
5:30 pm   Team Alexander   def.  Goff Me (Corey)

Saturday  10/27/12
4:00 pm  IM Weekend Activity:  Floor Hockey
Winner:  Poland/Rogers 

Sunday  10/28/12
Flag Football
9 am   Team We Rock  def.  Brady Bunch
10 am  We Thought This Was BBall  def.  Suite 210
11 am  Mid-Burke      def.  Bad Wolf

Floor Hockey

7 pm  Life Alert  def.  Nippers
8 pm  I LOVE GRAMPS  def.  Raw Dogs
9 pm  Dirty Danglers  def.  Goon Squad
10 pm ROOF  def.  Dinky Doos

8 pm  Brady Bunch  def.  King 'James' Squad
9 pm  Off Constantly  def.  E-Lemon-Ators
10 pm  Toon Squad  def.  Team Robichaud
Skateboard Race - Winner: Brandon Ralph (11:24)
Check site for results/times (rosters on skateboard site)

chelsey outside.jpg
Weekend IM: 3on3 BBall

shot by gamyl.jpg
Gamyl shoots against Jason....Saaave!!!  (Men's Soccer Final Game 1)
nate layin.jpg
Nate lays-in 2 of his 17 pts. during the "B" league BBall Finals.
soccer james ainsley jesse.jpg
Soccer Refs: James and Jesse  Scorer: Ainsley
A final end.jpg
The end of the "A" league 5on5 BBall Finals.
end of career.jpg
End of a great Wallyball season.

deb kendra.jpg
I thought for sure I was faster than that!
tri group.jpg
Participants and Volunteers for the Triathlon.
manny goalie.jpg
Men's semi-finals (Soccer)  Manny carries his team to victory.
dave george 1.jpg
Dave and George battle for the ball during 3 - on - 3 tourney.  Great game!!!
beach laura.jpg
IM Weekend Activity: Beach Volleyball
soccer playoffs.jpg
Coed Playoff Action
charlie scores.jpg
Charlie shoots and scores against David.
jesse at net.jpg
Jesse and Casey at the net during Volleyball playoffs.
shelby vball.jpg
Shelby setting for Safe Sets during Volleyball Playoffs. (Hi Shelby's Mom)
jon mgray.jpg
Jon with the "J" (3-on-3 BBall)
swim relay 3.jpg
IM Weekend Activity: Swim Relays
david save.jpg
David with the save. (Men's soccer playoffs)
gam wally.jpg
Wallyball Playoff action - Fighter Four vs.  Captain Crunch.
Shooting Champs:  John Kazar (Foul Shooting), Shelby Sheridan (Foul/3-pt. Shooting), Jimmy Lau (3-pt. Shooting)
3 - on 3 action.
Intramural Staff hard at work:) while Shred City bench looks on.
craig three.jpg
Craig hits a 3 against Vicious N Delicious.
sam and ry net.jpg
Sam and Ry battle at the net.
AJ waiting to make the save!!!

3-on-3 Basketball action: We'll Scrub You  vs.  High Flyers
aj dodge.jpg
The Blazers vs. Shooter McGavin.
Rahim ready for the shot on goal from The Big Dogs.
allison three.jpg
Allison (Uh-Oh-Oreos) hits from behind the arc against the E-Lemon-Ators. 

tyler net.jpg
Tyler and Shane battle at the net.

matt c.jpg
Battle for top seed:  Team Jobin defeats Off Constantly
charlie shot.jpg
Charlie (Fluffer Nutters) scores against Lueth (Four + 2)
uh-oh team.jpg
Uh-Oh's with their new uniforms.
whew back wall.jpg
Whew.....back wall!!!
Coed Soccer.
Andrew with the fall-away......good!
new volleyball move.jpg
Weekend IM: volleyball move!

kaitlin.jpg ball, you got it!


ethan 2.jpg
Water-Polo  (Swim Class)  Sign-up for Tourney


wk im vball.jpg
Weekend Intramural: Volleyball   Winners: Wheelock
Coed Indoor Soccer:  Team Blake vs.  Blitzkrieg

kayla serve.jpg
Kayla (Team Flynn) serves against Team Mainville.
 bball dylan.jpg
Opening Night IM Basketball:  Dylan (Shredville) jumper - GOOD!

Fall Semester Below:

Global Gym and Team Mainville volley during the Volleyball Championship.
ROOF and Life Alert battle for the title in Floor Hockey.
fh champs.jpg
Ryan (Floor Hockey Series MVP) celebrates with his team: ROOF.
pp bball finals.jpg
Ping-Pong Finals:  Kenedi and Zach........
Basketball Finals:  Off Constantly vs. Team Jobin
ry jumper.jpg
Ry with the jumper to keep the game close.
pp final 4.jpg
Ping-Pong Tourney Final Four....See Ping-Pong for Results.
curtis shot.jpg
Curtis comes up wide with the  shot to tie the Game 2 of the Floor Hockey Finals
matt c layup.jpg
Matt with the lay-up to help his team win the Basketball Finals.
Game on !!!   Floor Hockey Finals Tonight 8 & 9 pm
bball finals.jpg
Basketball Finals 8 pm Sunday  (Stannard Gym)
sam b.jpg
Sam B. with one of her many homeruns of the Kickball season.  Sam led her team (Goff Me) to victory in the finals. 

Dusty with a rocket back at the pitcher for a base hit during the Kickball Finals.
Phil sends one to the wall during the Wiffleball finals.
morgan serve.jpg
Morgan with the ACE for the win over Click, Click, Boom in the VBall Semis
ryan rball.jpg
Ryan and Garrett battle for the title on the rball court (Racquetball Tourney)
Car Ramrod's Richard with the spike.  (VBAll Semis)   Go to Volleyball site
spencer shot.jpg
ROOF and the Dirty Danglers do battle to make it to the finals (Floor Hockey)
Ryan (ROOF) with one of his 41 saves against Raw Dogs.
kevin save.jpg
Kevin with the save against ROOF.
Get your indoor soccer team ready for 2nd semester.
Eric trying to evade the defense.   Floor Hockey playoffs.
richie 2 pt.jpg
Richie for 2 of his 23 pts. against Team Jobin in the Final Game 1.
ping shuffle.jpg
Weekend IM Activity.....Ping-Pong/Shuffleboard
AJ boots the ball against Team Alexander in the Semi finals of Kickball.
game point.jpg
Game point!  Global Gym vs.  Car Ramrod
Claudine (Car Ramrod)  puts down a spike against All Aces.
You make the call Luke.........Rob, might be a little high.
john k2.jpg
John Kazar shooting his way to the finals in the 3-pt Shooting Contest.
Yuol drained 6 in a row to make it into the finals (3pt. contest)
kieran fallaway.jpg
Vicious N Delicious's Kieran shoots a fallaway against Shred City.
Teamwork during a goalie change.
Vicious N Delicious put an end to the E-Lemon-Ators run in the playoffs.
matt fh.jpg
Hmm......stick a little high.  Dirty Danglers and Life Alert play for 1st place seed.
2 on 2.jpg
Fans enjoy a playoff game against the 2 top IM basketball teams.
ryan save.jpg
Ryan Holmes (ROOF)  with a diving save against I LOVE GRAMPS.
Charlie with 2 of his 6 pts. against Off Constantly.
final teams.jpg
Team Wagsters and The Lumberjacks getting ready for the Finals (Flag Football)
Rob Crupi.jpg
A clean catch and get-away from the defense.
Andy QB.jpg
Andy airs it all out.
Strike 3.............TUX  vs.  The Sliders.  (Wiffleball)
Everybody's safe...........Team Alexander  vs.  Rock Sock Dinosaurs. (Kickball)
you got it.jpg
You got it!!!!!  Global Gym during a rally with Team Mainville
charlie zack.jpg
Zach and Charlie battle at the net.
Semi-Final:  Team Mike vs. Team Perry
chas mike.jpg
Chas and Mike battle at the net.
Start of the 2nd period in a Dodgeball pick-up game.
jeb 3pt.jpg
Jeb for 3 eeeeeeee!  E-Lemon-Ators vs.  Toon Squad
Kasey with a 3-pointer against Shred City.
Phil looking downfield.highstick.jpg
Example of High Sticking in Floor Hockey league.

Trikke Bike night.
Kayjay clears the zone.
"Air Bud" (Honu) waiting to play.
Jaz (Team We Rock)  get Nick's flag (Brady Bunch)

Ping-Pong Tourney Finalists:  Kenedi Hall (Runner-up) and Zach Hatin (Champ)pingpong1.jpg
Ping-Pong Tourney:  Allen and Jenya compete in the round-robin.
Hard fought battle on the table.
Richie with the DIG !!!!
 Click, Click, Boom  vs.  Car Ramrod
Pitch on a platter.......Seguin Sally  vs.  TUX
Josh with the goal.
Kenedi and Zach....2 lefties in contention for the Ping-Pong Championships.
hoops 2.jpg
For REAL Jesse?hoops 5.jpg
Isaac scores 2 for the Shred City.   Shred City vs.  Toon Squad


Fall 2012 H2O Basketball Champs

Nippers  vs.  Dirty Danglersbball 1.jpg
No foul.
We Thought it was Basketball   vs.  Goff Me. (Team Corey)
Jose scores for the Roc Boyzz during the Water Basketball Finals.
 pat for 2.jpg
Pat for 1 during the Semi-finals.
ffball 1.jpg
Mid-Burke  vs.  Brady Bunch
ffball 2.jpg

ffball 3.jpg
Phil to Mike for a TD

wallyball 18.jpg
You got, you got it!

bball 30.jpg

It's a close one!

 bball fans.jpg
IM BBall Fans.......

vicious bball.jpg
BBall 25.jpg

Vicious N Delicious take on Off Constantly

wally 7.JPG
Team Surprise getting pumped for the 3rd set.

 bball 18.jpg

DEEEEFENSE !badminton.jpg
Badminton ?  Yes, Mondays at Noon (Bole Gym)


bench fh.jpg

Put me in coach...I'm ready to PLAY !!!!!!!!!


Lueth shoots from downtown.

Dean of Students.jpg
Jonathan Davis (Dean of Students) finally gets his IM tee !

football 6.jpg

skate race 2.jpg

Skateboard Race Volunteers and Racers 
Winner:  Brandon Ralph (Red Helmet)


 fh 4.jpg

I LOVE GRAMPS on the defense!


Moose bball.jpg

"Moose" goes to the hoop for 2.

kickball league.jpg
 Friday Coed Kickball Game 3:  Fun had by all !

 John W.jpg

Employee of the night ???????

IM sports.jpg

Win an Intramural Sweatshirt


Opening  Day of Kickball League  (Game 2)

trikke bikes.jpg

Trikke Bikes